The Series

The Series

Flag Icon 602 Outlaw Late Model Tour

The 602 Outlaw Late Model Tour is comprised of six events in or near three major markets in central and southern Wisconsin. This tour is a support series for statewide, regional, or national Super Late Model events. The support series for these high-profile events and the economical rules package make the 602 Outlaw Late Model Tour a great marketing opportunity. These same 602 style cars run as the support division for higher profile weekly events at Dells Raceway Park. Excellent car counts make the 602 Outlaw Late Model Tour, along with the supporting weekly events, make this a great statewide marketing opportunity for your company.

Flag Icon Midwest Truck Series

The Midwest Truck Series is a dedicated series for this style of vehicle. This series is a fifteen-race schedule covering every major market in Wisconsin. The Midwest Truck Series is a support series for several of the highest profile events in Wisconsin with coverage within regional and national events. The economics of the Midwest Truck Series and the participation at the high-profile events give a business the lowest cost per impression in all motorsports promotions. The uniqueness of the Midwest Truck Series creates an immediately identifiable difference for your brand. Excellent truck counts and statewide footprint make the Midwest Truck Series an excellent choice for a statewide marketing campaign.

Flag Icon Big 8 Late Model Series

A nine-race schedule comprises the Big 8 Late Model Series. This regional series competes in three Upper Midwestern states. Big 8 Late Models/Pro late Models give an entity that economical regional marketing opportunity. As both headliners for events and support for several regional and national events, this gives the impression your business is seeking. Customizing a package surrounding the nine-race schedule with weekly opportunities in four states magnifies the regional footprint your business can realize, and with the numerous weekly opportunities and the added ability to pinpoint specific geographic areas of interest. Big 8 Late Models/Pro Late Models are a great economical, regional marketing opportunity for your business.

Flag Icon Alive for 5

The Alive for 5 series is a five-race series held at Dells Raceway Park. All five of the events are counted as some of the most prestigious motorsports events in the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region. These events are contested in the heart of Wisconsin tourism in the Wisconsin Dells. This five-race series combines with other regional and national Super Late Model events to create a geographic footprint that can range from statewide to national, based on in-person attendance. The media coverage for the Alive for 5 series continues to grow as pay-per-view TV coverage will be a part of all five events for 2022.

A company seeking regional to national attendance and media coverage would choose the Alive for 5 series as the basics for their marketing campaign.

Flag Icon ARCA Midwest Tour

The ultimate level in professional short track motorsports is the definition of the ARCA Midwest Tour for the promoters, the competitors, the media, and the partners involved. A ten-race schedule covering three states, with co-sanctioned non-point events in two additional states give a company the opportunity to cover the Great Lakes and Midwest, with in-person attendance and national media exposure. These professional level teams can compete from coast to coast. This would allow your company to focus on events in additional geographic areas to create that national in-person coverage. The media and social media coverage using the ARCA Midwest Tour as the basis for your marketing campaign gives you immediate nationwide coverage. A company seeking high profile recognition and brand awareness would consider this an excellent choice.