Danielle Behn

Danielle Behn

Danielle Behn is a 23-year-old second generation driver with: 15 class championships, three high point championships, three world championships, a state championship and over ONE HUNDRED wins. Danielle has also twice, been elected Driver of the Year by her peers. At just 23 years of age Danielle has a list of accomplishments most in racing will never achieve and she is just getting started.


Danielle started her racing career at 4 years old, racing snowmobiles. From the entry level kids classes to the pro champion level Danielle were always a front runner. To keep her racing skills sharp during the summer she would race on the dirt, motorcycles, quads and go-karts running up front on every occasion. In 2014 a significant wreck caused Danielle to change course in racing as she started to pursue asphalt racing.


At 12 years old Danielle started 4-cylinder racing at several northern Wisconsin short tracks. Amassing several heat race wins and racing consistently finishing near the front of the point standings. In 2014 Danielle was awarded the Marshfield Speedway sportsmanship award. Also, in 2014 saw Danielle and her team compete part time in the Midwest Truck series preserving her rookie status.


2015 saw Danielle and her team compete full time in the Midwest Truck Series, this proved to be an excellent choice and showed the consistency Behn Racing has. The 2015 Rookie of the Year award was presented to Danielle and here team for that 2015 season. That front running and consistency also had Danielle and her team win the 2017 E3 Spark Plug Triple Crown Series within the Midwest Truck Series schedule.


Not only can Danielle drive her racecar she is highly educated in the motorsports industry. Danielle has a degree in Spec Engine Engineering from the NASCAR institute, graduating at the top of her class in 2018. Danielle has put that education to work within her own team and is an integral part of several other teams including crew chief positions. As a full-time, heavy-duty mechanic, Danielle is a daily part of the automotive world.


Behn Racing is a front running family-owned team. Danielle and her family operate a small business that has an excellent reputation throughout the country. Danielle has an excellent following of fans and is a great spokesperson for any brand. If your brand is seeking a statewide or regional branding campaign Danielle, Behn Racing and the Midwest Truck Series would be a great partner to investigate.