The Cars

The Cars

Flag Icon 602 Outlaw Series and Weekly 602 style cars

602 style cars are an economical style car, with fixed components to keep costs down. The economy of this class also means economy for your branding. The outlaw-style body is mostly handmade - this individuality is a branding edge for your company. Events within the 602 style schedule are statewide, with attendance draws from throughout the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest. If your company has an edgy marketing identity, the 602 style car is an excellent choice for your company.

Flag Icon Midwest Truck

A Midwest Truck is the classy yet sassy look in all of motorsports. Those unmistakable truck lines, low to the ground, everyone looks twice at a hot truck. Midwest Trucks are also an economical option in racing, this means both on track and for your marketing campaign. The plastic and aluminum bodies must fit a template, making them recognizable as your favorite manufacturer. The Midwest Truck series is a dedicated series of events within the State of Wisconsin with attendance draws covering a national footprint. If your identity has a tough but classy look, a Midwest Truck would be a great branding tool for your business.

Flag Icon Pro Late Models

Pro Late Models have that low sleek racecar look. The Pro Late Models give your company the professional appearance of late model racing at an economical price point. A Pro Late Model gives a business a regional marketing opportunity with an economical price point. The Pro Late Model has a template plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum body for manufacture identification. The Pro Late Models offer the greatest geographic flexibility, as this is the primary style of vehicle for weekly racing, coupled with several track-specific special events and a dedicated regional touring series. If your company is seeking an economical regional marketing campaign, a Pro Late Model spokesperson would benefit your organization.

Flag Icon Super Late Models

Super Late Models are the pinnacle of short track motorsports and motorsport marketing throughout the country. Branding through a Super Late Model team and series will give you the flexibility for statewide, regional, or national exposure. This exposure from a statewide, regional, and national opportunity is from an in-person aspect as well as the media and social media reach. These templated fiberglass and plastic bodies keep manufacture identity true. Super Late model partnerships instantly have statewide to regional identity, as this is the professional level in motorsports marketing. It brings the ability to customize a Super Late Model marketing campaign from statewide to national. With regional and national partnerships already participating in Super Late Model racing, creating additional partnerships is increased exponentially. A business seeking a statewide to national branding campaign should consider a Super Late Model partnership.