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Motorsports Promotions is seeking long-term partnerships for events in 2022 and into the future.


As the short track racing industry continues to swell as a local and regional entertainment outlet, the ability to expand your business footprint will also continue to grow. The diversification of businesses entering and reentering the short track racing sphere shows the strength of short track motorsports as a branding opportunity. We have already seen an influx of businesses become involved in the short track industry to use as a branding and revenue driving marketing vehicle.


The principals of Motorsports Promotions and our partners have been involved in motorsports since 1969. We were there passing out decals or autographing something for the fans with a business’s name on it long before we were counting impressions or tracking ROI. The events led by this united team of business owners, racers, track owners and promoters are dedicated to all things motorsports. Our stellar history of success, integrity, and ethics granted us the privilege to create these motorsports marketing events.


In the beginning, it was just the name on the car, and transporter, or a postcard with a picture of the car with the logo. Now, we are of the age where actual tracking mechanisms are readily available; tracking impressions through attendance, using that Hero Card (postcard) correctly, social media tracking of pictures and hashtags, live chats by drivers, crew, tracks, and series videos and the reach they have. Customer conversion is the latest opportunity to have on site at the events thanks to the advancement in our electronic world.


Motorsports Promotions has access to athletes that are front running, creating impressions and winning racers in all levels of short track racing. These athletes have the personalities that will drive sales to your company as a brand spokesperson. With our past and present participation in motorsports throughout the Midwest, we have been able to watch and evaluate drivers on all levels. Motorsports Promotions has the ability to evaluate not only the driving skill, but Motorsports Promotions can also evaluate teams to identify their marketability Motorsports Promotions’ primary emphasis is on how a driver and team is perceived within the competitive circles, as well as the crowd, the track, and series management.


As Motorsports Promotions cultivates media partners and invests in a wider range of media outlets, the coverage for businesses partnering with Motorsports Promotions will expand exponentially. Creating partners for the events Motorsports Promotions are planning has the potential to be extremely beneficial for all parties. As media coverage continues to develop for/and with Motorsports Promotions, the type of businesses Motorsports Promotions will partner with will also mature.


The focus and goals of Motorsports Promotions is to grow your business and spread your message. The greatest priorities with Motorsports Promotions are collaborating with companies to develop the market share they desire, create name, and brand awareness, and educate all parties involved.


Are you seeking greater market share? Is your company leading the market and look to maintain market share? Are you seeking new employees? Are new distribution channels your goal?


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