About Motorsports

Motorsports Promotions

Motorsports Promotions is a Midwest-based business with the goals of providing excellent value and a quality experience to our clients through motorsports as we have for over 50 years.


At Motorsports Promotions, we believe in a high degree of integrity and professionalism, while still maintaining our passion for the sport of auto racing. We believe in making your brand a part of your customer's lifestyle. We want our client's name and logo not only on the cars and on signs at the track, but also incorporated into being an integral part of the race fan's daily regalia as well.


The drivers, tracks, and series that Motorsports Promotions and your business would partner with also have these qualities. Our goal in partnering with your business is to drive customers to your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feeds, and other social media, and, become your company’s customer.