The Drivers

The Drivers

The Drivers

Today’s motorsports drivers have evolved to be spokespersons and social media influencers.

As the evolution of motorsports marketing has come from just attendance, word of mouth, and pictures in industry-specific print media, so have the drivers. They recognize the need to be a product spokesperson, in person, with social media and with mainstream media.

With driver and crew uniforms emblazoned with company logos interacting with a crowd that is sharing their up-close experience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms, all with your company name front and center.

The drivers themselves, either as a professional racer or a professional businessperson, racing on the weekend, understand the importance of branding and marketing. Logistics, legal, manufacturing, marketing, and more - they are the business partners you are seeking with the bonus that they are already waiting to partner with you and drive business to your company.

When the principles of Motorsports Promotions started this fifty-year journey, drivers were primarily men. As men still make up many spokespersons available, the age diversification has never been so wide. If you are seeking a social media savvy, up-and-coming star, competitors as young as fourteen are available. Seeking a veteran spokesperson, competitors in their fifties and even sixties are available, as well as every age in between.

In those early days, a few women dabbled now and again, and the novelty of women drivers of the time were things like powder puff races, or classes like Winged Women on Wheels, but now those days are gone. Routinely, we see women competing - and winning - in today’s short track motorsports, making them a force to be reckoned with on the track and a brand manager's dream.

The diversity of age, experience, gender, and geographic location makes finding the perfect motorsports spokesperson a fun and personalized experience. If you could build a spokesperson from scratch, motorsports gives you that opportunity. Choose an age range, choose an experience level, choose a level of racing, choose a gender, picture that person getting out of the car at the end of the race and stating “My, [your company]ran great today! Thanks to your brand and all the fans for their support.” There sits the car with your logo, driver with your logo on their chest or back, the crew with the matching uniforms with your logo - all celebrating with you, while thousands of cheering fans are taking pictures and sharing them throughout social media. Priceless.