Why is Motorsports Promotions Different?

Why is Motorsports Promotions different than other motorsports marketing entities?

Motorsports Promotions collaborates with the company and brand first, then matches a series and team to those goals.

Why is this significant for the sponsor?

Accepting a retainer from series or teams makes an entity beholden to put their interests first, at Motorsports Promotions it is the brand that is the primary focus. The goals of the company and its brand are the primary focus of Motorsports Promotions, the geographic footprint, the desired outcome, and budgetary guidelines, which is Motorsports Promotions focus. The series and teams Motorsports Promotions will recommend are all highly professional entities with the goal of marketing brands for companies. However, our goal at Motorsports Promotions is the focus on the building of brands with companies through motorsports, benefiting all entities equally.

Not accepting a retainer from teams, tracks, or series, makes your company and your brand the primary focus, not the series or team. The lack of teams on retainer gives Motorsports Promotions the ability to look through an unbiased lens when it comes to what is best for your company and brand. Is the motorsports marketing group approaching you talk about what they can do for you or are they asking what are your goals and desired outcomes? This is significant from the standpoint that Motorsports Promotions talks with you and your business team to find your goals, the geographic area your brand needs to cover and your budgetary guidelines. By prioritizing the client, your company, and managing the programs each entity is free to do what they do best, teams, race and create content, series promote events and bring in those potential new customers for your brand, and Motorsports Promotions makes sure your brand identity is in place to take advantage of these opportunities. Motorsports Promotions has access to a multitude of teams and series, the ability to recommend a series or team comes from the years of experience in the grassroots level of motorsports. Motorsports Promotions has the reach potential to investigate the right team and series for your brand from coast to coast.

Once the company goals, geographic footprint and budgetary guidelines are outlined, then Motorsports Promotions matches your company to a series that covers your primarily focused geographic area, and then we find teams that fit your corporate identity for your company and brand to choose from. Finding the series, tracks and teams that benefit your brand must be the priority in motorsports. The relationships Motorsports Promotions has made over the decades creates the ability to find the best match for your brand in motorsports on the grassroots level. The geographic footprint must be the first item decided. This does not mean all the area you can cover; it means what geographic area do you want to focus on. The desired geographic footprint can be from statewide to national on the grassroots level. Budgetary guidelines will dictate the level your company brand can participate within that geographic area. Prioritizing the options within a motorsports marketing program to create the conversions to the desired outcome is how the impact for your company brand will be created. The teams, tracks and series will all benefit from your company involvement in motorsports through financial realization and marketing partnership involvement. The client, your company must also realize the gains outlined as the goals through their involvement with motorsports.

Motorsports Promotions built a process based on the branding capabilities that motorsports present, we will present how the millions of impressions generated will drive this customer base to your company brand. Beyond the branding and marketing opportunities generating these millions of impressions, Motorsports Promotions will outline the trackable conversion opportunities driving customers to your company brand through multiple contact points with conversion capabilities.

Motorsports marketing offers a multi-platform opportunity to raise brand name awareness and convert a loyal fan base to consumers. The branding opportunities include social and other media platforms, conversion points, mobile billboards in the form of the transporters, an off-track show stopping item, the race vehicle, apparel, and hospitality opportunities. These branding opportunities are the building blocks of the ability to drive these in person and the remote fans to your company brand.

Multiple social media outlets including series and team Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat platforms as well as other platforms used to expose the fan base to your company brand. The teams and series recommended by Motorsports Promotions will be very assertive in creating informational and fan interactive content within each of these platforms. The ability to hashtag and direct link in these forms of media can drive fans to your company brands. This is where the team and driver can create unique content about the brand and how and where to find your company brand.

Website locations with click through tracking will drive these fans of the team seeking information about the team and driver back to the brand website. The series website will have opportunities for the click through in a variety of ways. The naming rights of event, official partnerships series naming rights all can lead to a clickthrough to a site of choice: where to purchase, corporate identity, direct purchase, sign up for newsletter or loyalty rewards.

Track side and non-trackside conversion events are the opportunity to put something directly in a consumer's hand or create an opportunity to have immediate interaction with your company brand. These opportunities would have direct trackable capabilities. These conversion points can be trackside, off season motorsports shows, and at outlet partners. The ability to drive fans to that activation point on race day with a limited time picture opportunity when you sign up, or buy product based on the immediate desired outcome. Having the driver and/or vehicle and transporter at outlet partners, for autographs, interactive games for premiums, and ticketing discounts or free tickets for on-site purchases.

The chosen motorsports team will be a professionally managed team with a spokesperson with a loyal following already in place. Different placement of the brand logo on the race vehicle can create the name awareness you desire. Company branding on the drivers uniform to match the design of the race vehicle will enhance that brand recognition. The vehicle and/or spokesperson would be an integral part of these interactive conversion points.

Motorsports Promotions would like to discuss how motorsports marketing can generate brand awareness and convert those impressions to a trackable, measurable Return on Investment.

For a free evaluation about motorsports marketing and what the best fit for your company is contact us today at motorsportspromotions1@gmail.com to schedule a phone assessment and invitation to a live pitch deck opportunity.