Aaron Moyer

Aaron Moyer

Aaron started his racing career at just 4 years old. This was a family affair, as Aaron and his family had been a part of snowmobile racing even before Aaron was born. From that youthful age of for to the veteran age of 10 years old Aaron raced in pretty much every class of snowmobile racing winning at each step.


At ten years old Aaron and his family made the switch from winter racing to a summer filled with chasing a Bandolero dream. Aaron and his family concord the Bandolero division with many wins and continuous top 5 and 10 finishes.


In 2008 Aaron and his team took the step into the Legends division, this started an impressive 14-year run. During this 14-year run in the Legends division Aaron created an impressive resume.

10 consecutive State of Wisconsin Pro championships

5 consecutive Jefferson Speedway Championships

1 Dells Raceway Park Championship

1 US Air Road Course Championship

1 Hawkeye Downs Raceway Championship

200 feature wins competing across the US


The list of venues Aaron has won at is a list of historic racing venues across the United States: Charlotte motor speedway, Concord speedway, Iliana, Slinger, Madison, Cedar Rapids, Dells, Jefferson, the list goes on.


2022 will bring a new challenge for Aaron and his team. Aaron and his team will be competing for the Clutch Energy Drink Midwest Truck Rookie of the Year and will be in the Midwest Truck Series championship title hunt.


One of the most unique racing experiences Aaron has had in racing is, he and his wife sold their legends car to move up to the Midwest Truck Series. As a part of that sale Aaron and his wife delivered the car to the new owner in Alaska. Aaron states it was one of the greatest experiences of he and his wife’s life.


The Midwest Truck Series conducts a fifteen-race schedule that covers the entire State of Wisconsin. Combining the high profile of Aaron and his chase for a championship and Rookie of the year, with the premium events the Midwest Truck Series are a part, make Aaron an excellent choice as a spokesperson for your brand.