Types of Racing

Types of Racing

In the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region, short track motorsports is primarily comprised of four styles of cars and six primary series.

The 602 Late models and Midwest Trucks are economical entry-level touring series. Both the 602 and Midwest Trucks have a great combination of experienced and up and coming teams and spokespersons.

The limited late Model class is the best combination of weekly events, special events, and a dedicated touring series.

Super Late Models are the pinnacle of short track motorsports, in this region the primary series associated with Super Late Models are Tundra Racing Series, Alive for 5 series and the ARCA Midwest Tour.

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The six entities represented through Motorsports Promotions each represent a step or cog in the ultimate success of short track racing throughout the Great Lakes, Upper Midwest and nationally.

The 602 Outlaw Late Model Tour, Midwest Truck Series, Big 8 Late Models, Tundra Racing Series, Alive for 5 series, and ARCA Midwest tour are among the elite short track racing series in the country.

The attendance numbers, the car counts, the competition, and the partnerships surpass most other forms and series of motorsports. The 602 style of car is a great economy class that has an excellent mix of weekly style events combined with a small traveling series that extends the footprint to a statewide demographic. The 602 style car has great demographic impressions mixed with high repeatability and unique impressions.

The Midwest Truck Series is one of the most economical ways to go tour racing in the upper Midwest. The unique look and schedule have the Midwest Truck series as the primary support division for many of the highest profile events, giving your business exposure with great economy. The 602 and Midwest Truck Series have a considerable combination of mature experienced racers, and the young next generation of stars.

The Pro Late Models are the next step in a racer's and business's evolution in the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region. The Big 8 Late Model Series and Pro Late Model weekly events give your business the high repeatability wanted for name recognition, along with a sizable number of unique impressions. The Big 8, Pro Late Model packages are an economical regional touring series. Weekly Pro Late Model events allow your business to target a specific geographic area with high repeatability. Combining the weekly repeatability with a regional touring series, visiting three states will expand your business opportunities to the regional level.

The Tundra Racing Series gives businesses the first opportunity to market at the elite level of short track motorsports. The Tundra Series, six race schedule is an excellent base for a statewide campaign and allows a business the flexibility to add additional weekly, statewide, regional, or national events to customize your exposure at this professional level. Great social media exposure and six unique events make the Tundra Racing series an excellent marketing opportunity.

The Alive for 5 Series is the base series for a regional marketing campaign. The five-race series is located in the heart of Wisconsin tourism at Dells Raceway Park, and brings spectators from throughout the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes area. The opportunity to focus your geographic footprint with other statewide, regional, or national events can start with the Alive for 5 series.

The ARCA Midwest Tour is the pinnacle of Midwest Short Track motorsports, and is recognized nationally as the premiere short track racing series in the country. Multiple states, extreme competition, and excellent attendance make a superlative opportunity. The ARCA Midwest Tour is the ultimate in professional short track motorsports, with subscription TV, social media, and mainstream media coverage, and is unmatched in any form of short track motorsports. A Motorsports Promotions package that uses the ARCA Midwest Tour would be the primary base for a regional or national campaign, with spokespersons well-versed in product promotion. The national and regional coverage for these events, and the addition of events from statewide to nationally, allow your company to customize a regional or national campaign.

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Weekly events will see the weekly family outings, neighbors, and friends sitting together to cheer for their favorite drivers, so the impression repeatability is extremely high. These are the people that are supporting a local weekly track and the local small businesses of these communities. Local events offer high impression repeatability, creating a top-of-mind name awareness. This group is highly likely to have been sitting in the same seats at a local track for generations. The participants are also of generations, fathers and sons racing against each other, or fathers are now the crew chiefs for their daughters and/or sons.

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Statewide events attract both the family and professional crowd, a crowd with more expendable income. This is more likely to be a business or professional group of friends that have planned a day or short weekend gathering. As this is still a local weekly track, those weekly attendees will plan a weekend family outing that would include hospitality stays or camping outings. Impressions per event are significantly higher than the weekly or local events. The number of unique impressions at the statewide level is greater at this level of motorsports. As these events are contested throughout of the entirety of a state, groups tend to choose 4-6 of these events per year, and while the majority will be geographically close to home base, the others may be day trip or weekend events.

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Regional/National events have an even larger geographic footprint, a greater number of unique impressions per event, with a higher average income level. These regional or national events are the most professional level of short track racing, and appeal to the business leaders within communities. These have the greatest number of in-person attendance in short track racing, and many of these events now have a pay-per-view audience, are live streamed by fans, and other utilize other electronic media outlets which creates the greatest number of impressions. A series of regional/national events will reach the largest number of unique impressions.