Hanna Raley

Hanna Raley started her racing career sliding go karts through the dirt at Beaver Dam Raceway at just 8 years old. During the next six years, Hanna would compete against other women, and young men with more experience than herself in the various classes she would compete in. Hanna continued her go kart career through age 13 at both Beaver Dam Raceway and Leetzow Raceway Park. During the six-year period Hanna drove to victory with many heat, and several feature wins, honing her skills for her next endeavor.


At age 14, Hanna stepped out of her go kart and into a new opportunity, stock car racing in the Bandit division at Dells Raceway Park. Again, the car control skills, Hanna had honed, in the go-karts of the past served her well immediately. Hanna showed the way to the front with several more heat and features wins, driving her to a 2nd place in the final season standings in 2016 Dells Raceway Park Bandit division. The short interviews and larger crowds offered Hanna the opportunity to master her spokesperson skills throughout the 2016 season.


2017 saw Hanna and her team step into the highly competitive Late Model Division at Dells Raceway Park. Consistency in her heat and features have consistently moved Hanna closer to the front of one of the most competitive divisions in Midwest Motorsports. From 2017 through 2020 Hanna and her team found their way to victory lane just a couple of times, in one of the most competitive divisions in Wisconsin.


Hanna and Team Raley continued to expand their knowledge of new tracks and expanded the marketing capabilities extending themselves into several events with the Big 8 Racing Series. This saw Hanna and her team compete at the historic Milwaukee Mile, becoming a Midwest touring team. In 2022 Hanna has already begun amassing awards, she was awarded a grant for a SHORT FILM video session is awarded to HANNA RALEY / AK Racing, from GasRoots Racing.


Hanna and her team are consistent feature running team, with a great fan base. If your company are seeking a Pro Late Model regional branding opportunity Hanna and her team would be a team to partner with.