Digital Presence

Digital Presence

Having a digital presence specific to your motorsports message is a major part of a motorsports marketing program.


Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, other social and news media are all part of the ever-growing opportunity to create a message and ingrate a lifestyle. The teams, the drivers, crew members, tracks and series are all continually pressing out information driving people to events, products, and services each separate yet intertwined either bring new perspective consumers to events to experience your brand or driving people to that brand and your outlet partners. These platforms expand expontially with each member of the team also interacting not only with the primary site, but they are also interacting with their personal friends and relatives creating that interaction with those secondary fans and potential customers through their connections introducing your brand to an exponentially expanding group.


Call to action from your spokesperson or team member to the loyal followers to join them in your brands lifestyle. The driver/spokesperson and team routinely create post-race recaps, these recaps speak about the event as a whole and talk about the support of brands associated with the team. The driver/spokesperson and team will post throughout the event day. Calling to action, the fans to come to the event and the opportunity to remind them to pick up your brand on the way to the track exist through this interaction product code to track that conversion. Once they are at the event, the social media interaction drives that brand awareness and the desire to be like their hero.


The series and tracks each generate content about each event driving people to their Facebook, Instagram, and websites where they will find a variety of opportunities for click through tracking opportunities. The teams, tracks and series all have schedules listed on them with clickthrough opportunities. One of the most visited locations on a team track or series website is schedule, where is the series going is the question for the teams and fans alike. Rotating banner ads give your brand even more opportunity to drive that customer to your outcome with clickthrough.


Subscription TV is now a part of events from the weekly to national level of grassroots racing. No longer is your brand dependent upon the attendance of a specific event to generate the awareness or a call to action for your brand. Not only the opportunity for your Brand name on TV, the opportunity for ad time during these events.


Each of these platforms play a significant role in generating the impressions and turning those impressions into the desired outcome for your brand.