Impressions are the backbone of any marketing program.


Impressions are the intersection of all the other aspects of a motorsports marketing program. Without impression there is no brand awareness or proof of conversion. Converting these millions of impressions and generating the message your brand desires, starts with a solid base of impressions across multiple platforms.


The ability of motorsports marketing programs to generate between four and ten million impressions across multiple platforms each year create the type of base needed to create the conversion to your company’s desired outcome.


The race vehicle, transporter and crew are billboards drawing attention to your brand raising that awareness through multiple opportunities. As the transporter travels thousands of miles throughout the state, region or nationally your moving billboard has your brand taking the green flag of your marketing program. The eye catching, show stopping, branded race vehicle at the track or at off track events creating an opportunity to interact with potential customers. The driver, crews, families, and fans all in apparel creating a flash mob style opportunity to ingrain your brand name into the motorsports lifestyle.


The websites, Facebook pages and other social media sites reaching throughout the world wide web, and subscription TV reaching people from the camper to the living room all generating impressions. The Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms of the team, tracks and series generate a fantastic blend of redundant and unique impressions to create the top-of-mind awareness of your brand name. These social media platforms create the opportunity to tell the story of the brand and how that brand is elevating the life of the driver, team and fans that have already indulged in your company’s brand. These websites, generate hundreds of thousands to millions of impressions all with the opportunity to raise name recognition, create a call to action and clickthrough opportunities. Click through opportunities on team, track and series websites allow you to track your Return on Investment.


Once the at track events commence those in person opportunities begin; the crew members and families of the team members crew a flash mob of awareness passing through the crowd. Interacting with other teams and fans. The crew members come from the pit/garage area to interact with family and friends. The driver/spokesperson will also come through the crowd, signing autographs, interacting with fans and family.


The off-track appearances of your team at distribution points, and additional public events generate thousands of non-motorsports impressions, these secondary potential customers extend the reach and leverage of your motorsports branding program. These conversion points are the trackable opportunities giving your company a picture of the Return on Investment.