Midwest Motorsports Packages

Midwest Super Late Model

The Midwest Super Late Model Package is a high impact package with name recognition saturation within a region based on in person footprint, media, and social media national coverage. A marketing partnership with a Super Late Model team competing in events throughout the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region place your brand at the forefront of national attention. As Super Late Model racing is the most professional of short track motorsports racing and marketing, your brand will reflect that professionalism immediately. The impact available through the Midwest Super Late Model Package is based on geographic coverage, social media exposure and in person attendance. The Midwest Super Late Model Package is based on following a Midwest touring series and three to seven additional events that best suit your brand needs. These thirteen to seventeen race schedules combined with three to five off track events can place your brand in front of fifteen to twenty million impressions per year. The driver/teams and the events are among the highest profile short track participants and events in Wisconsin, the Midwest and many are recognized nationally. Not only are these events and spokesperson recognized within the racing community, but they are also recognized as brand representatives and product spokespersons throughout the Midwest and nationally. This drives social media impression skyrocketing, in person attendance is among the best in the United States, and now many of these events will be live streamed in 2022, driving your brand awareness to the front of your brand category.

These spokespersons, the teams associated with them, and the events conducted in conjunction with a Midwest Super Late Model package are the pinnacle of short track motorsports marketing. This is the correct level of promotions if your business wants to make the largest impact throughout Wisconsin, the Great Lakes, Upper Midwest and nationally through motorsports. The level of professionalism associated with a partnership with a Midwest Late Model team and the events will immediately show the level of professionalism your brand intends to project. In 2021 we saw high school juniors win national events, we saw twenty-year veterans and experience levels everywhere in between, win and compete at Midwest Super Late Model events. The diversity of the spokespersons available for your business to choose from is great as part of a Midwest Super Late Model package. A company seeking to create a high impact, professional, regional partnership and brand identity would choose a Midwest Super Late Model opportunity.