Hospitality is multi-faceted conversion opportunity within your customized motorsports marketing program. The hospitality outing is customizable on multiple levels, invitees, location, number of people, and food and beverage.


A hospitality outing is fully customizable, the question associated with your hospitality outing is “What do you want to achieve?”


Is this an employee reward, is this part of a sales contest, are you attempting to close business at your hospitality outing? The number of people entertained, the food and beverage options, the interactions with the track, team, and series, along with the locations, invitees, and swag are all part of making this all about your brand.


Customizing the location, with events throughout the region, creation of a hospitality outing is available at almost any motorsports venue. The series and tracks located throughout the country could entertain your company and your guests no matter the geographic location that best fits your desired outcome. If you are choosing an employee centric hospitality event coordinating with a venue closest to the home office enhances the outcome of entertainment for your employees. Choosing a location dictated by entertaining new distribution partners in a specific geographic area will have a direct impact on the location, and the outcome desired by your company.


Most venues have VIP and hospitality areas that fit as few as ten people and many can entertain up to one hundred people in private to semiprivate areas. The option at each venue varies quite widely from a simple tent and tables to heated and air-conditioned venues that allow for plated lunch or dinner. Once you have chosen the location that best suits your desires the next step is how many people will be attending.


The variety of food and beverage option for your hospitality can range from food and beverage tokens at the venue concession stands to a full buffet including grilling a choice of proteins at a tailgate party in the parking lot. The customization of the food beverage opportunities has only minor limitations based on location choices and the type of event you desire to create.


Generation of impressions through the crowd interactions, photographs and media will all show a positive environment around your brand no matter the specific desired outcome.