Event Naming Rights

Event Naming Rights

The schedule is one of the primary stopping points on all motorsports websites, naming rights to an event at the primary stopping point for web traffic gives your brand a premium opportunity to convert customers 365 days per year.


Outside of the team transporter going down the highway this is the primary name recognition point; your brand will be associated with a specific event at a specific venue for two complete calendar years.


Event Naming Rights play an integral role in the mid to long term conversion of the impressions to realize the outcome you company is seeking for your brand. Naming Rights to a motorsports event, places you in a location that both the in-person attendees and those seeking to watch on subscription TV will visit. Your brand name will be associated with all electronic schedules, prerace social and other media and printed schedules over a two-year period again ingraining your brand lifestyle into the motorsports lifestyle.


This is how the in-person attendees plan their summer, this is where those that will be watching via subscription TV will be looking for their weekend programing. The competitors will be keeping up to date as to where the next event is. The websites of the teams, tracks and series have hundreds of thousands of visitors each year with the opportunity to turn these into clickthrough opportunities for your brand.


This is a direct clickthrough opportunity to direct these potential customers to an action point, do you want them to subscribe to a newsletter, take a survey, apply for employment, or purchase product. This specific conversion point can have three different outcomes based on three distinctly different websites. One location could be pointing customers to a Point of Purchase location, a separate location driving people to sign up for a newsletter and a third location may take people directly to your careers or about your brand landing page.