Conversion Points

Conversion Points

Conversion points are the opportunities to make the greatest impact on this new potential customer base for your company's brand.


Conversion points at competition events, non-competition events and distribution partners create the tracking mechanism showing you how the marketing programing is progressing. These types of events expand the secondary market reach, leveraging a show stopping piece of equipment with a brand message. The ability to put something directly in the hands of a potential new customer has the highest impact of any marketing opportunity. Sampling, couponing, push that mower, sample that beverage, operate that battery drill, have a taste of your new snack. These conversion opportunities are the moments that make these loyal fans your brand’s customers. Conversion points can be at almost any location and customized to dictate almost any outcome.


Understanding specifically what your company desires for your brand will be key in creating the correct type of interaction at these activation points. Are you a new food and beverage brand and you are seeking sampling and feedback? Are you an established brand seeking to reenforce your position in the market? Do you have a service that can is downloadable on site to a phone or tablet with immediate activation? Are you recruiting new employees? Each of these instances will require a customized interactive point for your program to have the Return on Investment you desire.


The correct blend of competition events, non-competition events and distribution partner conversion events is key in the creation of a trackable outcome based on the desires of each brand. As with any marketing program the ebbs and flows of creating the desired outcome will be trackable based on having different opportunities to interact with the diverse types of potential customers. Competition events have those specifically following racing and a subset of those are at this event specifically to cheer on your potential driver/spokesperson. Non-competition events such as a motorsports car show bring in a wider variety of motorsports fan and the subset specific to your potential team shrinks while the unique impressions and opportunities to convert expands. The ideology of unique impressions and conversion capabilities at non-competition events is expandable to trade shows, parades, other non-motorsports, sports shows.


Conversion events are the opportunity to leverage other marketing programs together with your motorsports marketing program. Do you already use TV and want your race vehicle in those commercials? Do you want to have a track or footage from an event as a part of your electronic marketing. Cutouts, name, and likeness, print marketing all leverageable to use your motorsports team to cross market throughout your brand.