Motorsports Team

Programs developed by Motorsports Promotions will introduce your company to a highly visible, competitive team with a great driver/spokesperson.

The team is the basis for your motorsports marketing program. The drivers and team members are content creators. The transporter and vehicle are eye catching billboards that create name awareness and retention. The interaction trackside, at tradeshows, or outlet partners with the team and driver create conversion points for your brand. The social media, websites and other media outlets of the team create other trackable conversion points for your brands. The vehicle and/or spokesperson would be an integral part of these interactive conversion points.


These rewarding introductions commonly occur during our “Day at The Races” events. This gives your company and team an opportunity to interact with several teams, allowing you to find that team and spokesperson that you feel would be the best fit for organization. Motorsports Promotions has the desire for you and your company to find the best spokesperson through these introductions, however Motorsports Promotions will consult with your team to pair you with the best partnership opportunities available.


The chosen motorsports team will be a professionally managed team with a spokesperson with a loyal following already in place. Your company name and logo would be professionally displayed on the style of race vehicle and location negotiated within your chosen package. Your colors and fonts would all stay in place to accurately identify your brand within seconds. Different placement of the company logo and your outlet partner’s logo on the race vehicle and transporter can create the name impact this aspect of a motorsports marketing program you desire.


Company branding on the drivers uniform to match the design of the race vehicle will enhance that brand recognition. Team apparel is an important aspect of creating that top-of-mind awareness, identification of the lifestyle of your brand and your branded team. Apparel creates the flash mob effect at these racing events. As the significant others, families and fans of the entire team have apparel on as they go through the crowd interacting with friends and other family. The interactive points would have the personnel in the apparel that matches the team creating that instant and immediate interactive billboard. The team itself, working on the team vehicle, photographers and subscription TV following them around expanding the exposure on the team, track and series websites and social media sites.